Some pictures of my H36 Dimona. This aircraft has reliably flown me all over Australia.

Here's a list of equipment that's been updated:

Engine Overhauled
Propellor Overhauled & 6mm bolts changed for 8mm
Air filters Replaced
Electrical fuel pump Replaced
mechanical fuel pump Replaced
Fuel tap Replaced
Engine fuel hoses Replaced
Engine cylinder head caps Installed
Exhaust Pipe Extension Installed
Prop change bearings Replaced
Magneto Overhauled
Alternator Overhauled
Alternator belt Replaced
Rudder control cables Replaced
Steering cables (rear wheel) Replaced
Disc brake pads Replaced
Brake Master cylinder Overhauled
All tyres and tubes Replaced
CHT Guage Replaced with digital
CHT probes Replaced
Fuel pressure guage Replaced
EGT Guage Replaced with digital
EGT probes Replaced
Oil Pressure sender Replaced
Artificial Horizon Installed
Elecronic Variometer Installed
Harnesses Replaced with new
Canopy Lock retainers Installed
Memory Foam Seats Installed
Luggage retainer straps Installed
Canopy sunshield Installed
One person wing rigging tool Supplied
Castered rear wheel jig Supplied
main wheel lifters for sideways hangarage Optional extra

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